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About Us

Looking for an alternative choice to service your Jaguar?

You are not alone! You can trust us for accurate, cos-effective solutions.

Jaguar cars have a long history of elegant styling and sporting performance. The brand was born in  the United Kingdom, and for years it's vehicles were synonymous with the old-world luxury of the British upper classes.

At Jaguar Sport International, we make it our priority to keep your Jaguar running safely and efficiently with regular service, repairs & maintenance. 

We offer 10 point inspections for your Jaguar with any service, which helps limit the amount of repairs needed on your vehicle.


Specializing in Jaguar Factory Scheduled Maintenance.

We adhere strictly to Jaguar Factory Specifications, and we keep up to date with all factory bullentins and recalls.

OEM ( Original equipment Manufacturer ) components are used in al maintenance, services and repairs

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